Gold Buying

Gold Buying

JRC jewelry will pay you cash on the spot for your unwanted gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, and coins! 

We buy ANYTHING Gold or Silver! We offer a very high, generous price to our customers. Why go to a mall, or hotel, or other out of the way spot to sell your unwanted gold to a stranger you will never see again. Come to someone you can trust and count on to be fair and honest. JRC Jewelry pays excellent prices on gold! Our goal is to see our customers leave happy and return again and again!

We Buy:

Wedding Bands
Engagement Rings
School Rings
Tangled broken Chains
Cuff Links
Dental Gold
Gold Watches
Broken, Damaged Jewelry
Diamonds, and some Gemstones

You can trust JRC Jewelry Center to pay you the highest, fairest price for your unwanted gold and silver.